The Golden Jubilee of SI St.Albans and District

March, 2007Our Friendship club, SI St.Albans, celebrated the 50th anniversary this year. In memory of the anniversary, we sent a Japanese bisque doll, named “Sakura”.Sakura was unrapped and shown up her lovely face at the Gullah party by President Laura. We hope that Sakura will be loved as a symbol of our friendship and will be a bridge between Great Britain and Japan.(IGU Chair woman, Akiko Tominaga)


  1. S.I. of St. Albans, England
  2. S.I. of Bacolod, Philippines
  3. S.I. of St. Albans, England
  4. Donating to an active capital to the social corporation “Japan Hearing-dog corporation”
  5. Donating to an active capital to the social welfare corporation “Higashi Sakura-en”
  6. Craft room of Girl Scout Training Center to Osaka Girl Scout
  7. Soroptimist's woods to Osaka city: 15 zelkova trees beside the City Hall
  8. Japanese tea house to Taisen Park in Sakai, Osaka
  9. 2 ambulance cars to Osaka city
  10. Flower stand-with pole in Osaka Flower Festival