2013 Presidentakako Nakai

In summer of 2013, we had to live in unbearable heat, and well-developed thunderclouds caused local downpours in hundreds of places all through Japan. Probably they were caused by combination of many

meteorological conditions, but we need to understand that global environmental change is the underlying cause. The weather in this summer let us seriously consider affections by the heat emitted from our daily lives.
Soroptimist International is a world organization of women working as managers or specialists, with our theme of “improve the lives of women and girls, in local communities and through the world.” We would like to

maintain our voluntary activities with the theme while we pay more attention to a global environmental problem.
We appreciate for your further support for our activities.
SI Osaka 2013 President Takako Nakai

▲Members of SI Osaka   (Jan.2013)

Club Office S.I. Osaka

#403 5-3-68 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku Osaka 530-0005 Japan
TEL 06-6448-1121(EXT3880) FAX 06-6448-1578

Soroptimist International

The word Soroptimist comes from the combination of two Latin words “soro” and “optima” -meaning the best for women.
It started in U.S.A. in 1921. Total membership is approximately 90,000 in over 3,165 clubs in 124 countries as of 2007.

Soroptimist International of the Americas

1709 Spruce Street Philadelphia, Pa 19103-6103 USA
Phone: 215-893-9000
Fax: 215-893-5200
E-Mail: siahq@soroptimist.org
website: www.soroptimist.org

S.I. of Osaka, Committees

– Program Service Committee
– International Goodwill and Understanding
– Awards Committee
– Sponsorship Committee

– Finance Committee
– Laws/Resolution & Soroptimist Orientation/
Leadership Training Committee
– Membership Committee
– Public Awareness Committee
– Attendance Committee
– Ways and Means Committee
– Japan Foundation Committee

Friendship Link Clubs

  • – S.I. of St. Albans, EnglandOpen Photo
  • – S.I. of Bacolod, PhilippinesOpen Photo

Soroptimist International of Osaka

– Charter Date: June 2,1970
– Charter Members: 40

List of Service Projects of S.I. of Osaka, Japan (from June 1970 to September 2009)
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  • Donation 3 benches beside the City HalOpen Photo
  • 40th AnniversaryOpen Photo
  • 40th Anniversary Donation (Osaka Prefecture)Open Photo
  • 40th Anniversary Donation (Osaka City)Open Photo
  • The 40th anniversary donation as the joint project with Rotary clubsOpen Photo
  • Donation to 2010 Special Olympics Summer Games Osaka JapanOpen Photo
  • Donating to the electricity tree to the social welfare corporation“Shion
    School”.Open Photo
  • A big gift to Uminoko gakuen Ikeshima homeOpen Photo
  • One welfare vehicle to mother and child welfare institution “Higashi-sakuraen”Open Photo
  • We approved the World Rose Convention 2006 in OSAKAOpen Photo
  • Children’s pool and mesh tent to mother and child welfare institution”Higashi-sakuraen”Open Photo
  • Making of CD-ROM for S.I Osaka 35th anniversaryOpen Photo
  • 2 cherry trees planting to Nakanoshima Park in OsakaOpen Photo
  • Printer for Braille-points to Braille-points children’s Library of Osaka YWCAOpen Photo
  • Donation the large-sized washing machines to a social welfare corporation
    “Irifune-ryo.”Open Photo
  • Donation to Keihan Cord Blood Bank
  • Donation to the establishment and training of Japan Hearing Dogs for Deaf PeopleOpen Photo
  • Donation to the construction of Japanese Institute of Anatolia Archaeology(the Middle Eastern Culture Center of Japan).
  • Wheelchair-carry-van to Osaka cityOpen Photo
  • Contribution to remodeling of Osaka Castle as 400TH anniversaryOpen Photo
  • Solar system clock tower to Osaka Ohgimachi ParkOpen Photo
  • Black pine tree (15 trees) at Osaka Castle Park.Open Photo
  • 75 rose trees to Osaka Nagai Park to celebrate 75TH anniversary of Soroptimist International.Open Photo
  • Children’s Library to Bacolod city. Philippines with S.I. Bacolod, F.L.Open Photo
  • Donation to Hanshin Great Earthquake Relief Project
  • Sculpture to Women’s Hall of Osaka PrefectureOpen Photo
  • Donation to Save the Children Foundation
  • Drinking Water Pipe Line at Pandan town in Philippines
  • 27 wheelchairs to special care nursing homes(2)
  • Hearing aid carpet to Kozu Children’s School for the dumb. Together with TV video deck and word-processor.
  • TV AND video sets to 5 children’s homes in Osaka city
  • I van with lift for wheelchairs for disabled persons
  • Wheelchairs(15) to Osaka Senior Citizen’s Health & Welfare Center
  • 4 pianos to Women’s Centers in Osaka city (North, West, South and East Districts)
  • Program of Musical Healing. 4 upright pianos to Kongo-Colony, Shoshinen, Helen Keller Foundation Peace Dormitory, Kinderhiem-Imagawa-Gakuen
  • Baby sitting and caring rooms at Kansai International Airport. (13 rooms)Open Photo
  • Sport Center in Osaka city. Electric Speaker System.
  • Clara Group in Siera District, West Africa
  • Flower stand-with pole in Osaka Flower FestivalOpen Photo
  • 2 ambulance cars to Osaka cityOpen Photo
  • S.I. Osaka 15TH anniversary donation to Osaka prefecture and Osaka city
  • Japanese tea house to Taisen Park in Sakai, OsakaOpen Photo
  • Scholarship to foreign students in Osaka
  • Osaka Children’s Center: Children’s Outdoor Projects Welfare Settlements: TOKO-GAKUEN, ASUNARO, HIBARI
  • Welfare settlements: KIBO-NO-IE, SHION-GAKUEN
  • Soroptimist’s woods to Osaka city: 15 zelkova trees beside the City HallOpen Photo
  • Craft room of Girl Scout Training Center to Osaka Girl ScoutOpen Photo
  • Work-capacity evaluation machine to medical department of Osaka City University

Activity report

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  • Donating to an active capital to the social welfare corporation “Higashi Sakura-en”Open Photo
  • Donating to an active capital to the social corporation “Japan Hearing-dog
    corporation”Open Photo
  • The Golden Jubilee of SI St.Albans and DistrictOpen Photo

Soroptimist International of Osaka

Chartered Clubs Date
S.I. of Osaka-Kita June 1982
S.I. of Osaka-Minami June 1984
S.I. of Osaka-Hokuto June 1985
S.I. of Osaka-Naniwa July 1987
S.I. of Sakai May 1988
S.I. of Osaka-Umeda May 1990
S.I. of Osaka-Kadoma July 1992
S.I. of Osaka-Nanba April 1994
S.I. of Osaka-Misasagi June 1998
“S” Club of Otemon High School October 1989
Osaka Venture Club May 1992

30TH Anniversary Commemorative Contribution (Mach 2000)

5 camphor trees and an iron arch of rose garden at Osaka Tsurumi Garden.
Furniture to the dormitories of foreign students in Osaka city

Club Meeting